Travel, mandatory COVID vaccines for school

Dr. Anthony Fawcett said it was possible that the CIVID-19 vaccines would become mandatory to travel to other countries or to school.

“Everything will be on the table for discussion,” Fawcett, who will be President-elect Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told Newsweek.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases insisted that “it is not up to me to make a decision,” adding that “these are all issues that will be discussed.” [under the Biden administration]”

“I’m not sure [the COVID-19 vaccine] It will be mandatory from the point of view of the central government as per the order of the federal government, ”Fawcett said, although he added that he was sure that some individual organizations would need the bullet.

Fawcett said vaccination requirements in schools are “possible”, but will come from state or city-level orders.

“A city-wide school system is essential not only in some cities but also in other cities. And that means that things are being done locally, not centrally, “said Fawcett.

In terms of travel, the FAU said that U.S. Presumably Kovid-19 could issue a vaccine passport – similar to a plan designed for Israel that would allow residents to travel abroad without being tested for coronavirus.

Other countries may also need a coronavirus vaccine to go there, Fawcett said.

“So we, in this country, do not need [people] To get the yellow fever vaccine when you go somewhere. It’s a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

According to Bloomberg, about 2.2 million initial doses have been given to Moderna and Pfizer-Bioentech Americans since inoculation was approved last month.