Tom Brady to the pitching coach: football is fun again

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Tom Brady may or may not have found 2019 to be a difficult season. It may or may not have worn out after 20 seasons in the same place with the same coach.

His last season in New England will certainly not be among his favorites as the Patriots did not win the Super Bowl.

Now with a new team, and reunited with his favorite receiving target, Rob Gronkowski, Brady has been rejuvenated.

“I think the funniest text messages we’ve ever had is when Gronk signed,” said Tom House, Brady’s personal launch coach in a video chat with GQ Sports. “Tom texted me and said, ‘Soccer is fun again.'”

House said he contacts Brady once a week, evaluating Brady’s launch move.

“When he sends a video, I pretend I’ve never seen it before, and he sends me a text message or leaves me a voicemail and says, ‘Look, I just filmed about 20 shots. Have a look. Give me a shout if you see something, or let’s talk this afternoon or tomorrow. And we will, ‘”House said. “We looked initially at its timing and its kinetic sequence, and then at the launch variables that most coaches would teach: balance and posture, stride and drive, opposite and equal. And then the launch variables that are quantized and specific to it. He will have his [screen] catch in front of him and I’ll tell him: ‘On your third shot to the left take a look at that, his front side opened up a bit. Only my eyes will speak, and I will give you some of the cues we use in your vocabulary for your teaching. It’s like being there, but we are watching videos at the same time. “

The Buccaneers quarterback continues to work with his receivers despite the NFLPA’s recommendation that players stop training together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But he seems to have fun doing it.