To record before Tesla stock rallies are included in the S&P 500

Tesla Inc. The stock ended its pre-S&P 500 index era with its final rally and plenty of investor interest.

Tesla TSLA,
+ 5.96%
On Friday%% rose to a record high of $ 5, ending at દિવસ 5, changing from the previous day and collecting most of its steam in the final moments of trading.

With nearly 200 million shares traded, Tesla has the fifth-largest volume and the highest since the beginning of February. The stock was the best performer and the most active stock on the Nasdaq 100. NDX,

The S&P 500 index, which Tesla will soon join, will end 13.07 points or 0.35% lower. Shares of Tesla fell in an extended session on Friday, down 2% in the last check.

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On Monday, Tesla shares will start trading on the S&P SPX,
The seal of approval that will put the stock in numerous index-tracking and actively managed funds, which will be convenient to balance their portfolios.

The S&P index manager announced Tesla’s inclusion on November 16, after sinking the company into the previous balance.

Realizing the complexity of adding a company, the S&P Dow Jones Indicators consulted with investors on how to proceed, eventually deciding to add Tesla at once.

Since the announcement of the S&P Edition, Tesla has added 27 271.96 billion to the market value, which is more than the market capitalization of Toyota Motor Co., which is currently about 3 213 billion.

In fact, that valuation is to jump after the November announcement, where Tesla was valued in mid-July, and that exceeds the market value of 483 S&P 500 companies, or about 97% of the companies in the index.

The stock has risen 731% so far this year, compared to a 15% increase for S&P.