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Holi 2020 is here and there is no better time to click more colorful images in India. Fortunately, smartphone photography has evolved considerably in recent years, and has greatly improved. An important change is the large number of cameras on the back with three or four cameras that become standard.

The iPhone 11 Pro series has triple cameras, the latest Galaxy S20 + comes with four cameras, even the cheap mid-range phones like Redmi Note 8 Pro, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 6 Pro, all come with four cameras on the back . What this really means is that it is now possible to take more types of photos or photos with your smartphone. We list some tips and tricks to make the most of your Holi images.

Compose that shot, try and get the action: Holi is a great time to capture action shots, especially when people are staining each other’s faces with color or about to throw water. These are the moments you should try to capture when creating your Holi 2020 album. One way to capture the action is to use features like Live Photos on iPhone, which actually creates a small video, rather than a still image. Samsung and Google also offer something similar on their phones, which can be useful to use.

Try to capture the action with your smartphone by taking photos of this Holi. Image of the Basant Utsav celebrations in Kolkata. (EXPRESS PHOTO OF PARTHA PAUL)

Get the correct exposure: If you are taking photos of people playing Holi during the day, make sure too much sun doesn’t play waste sports with the colors in your photos. If your photos are burned or overdone, reducing exposure helps and you don’t need to go to Pro mode to fix it. Most smartphone cameras will allow you to manually control exposure in automatic mode.

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Before taking the picture, as you touch the screen to focus correctly, you will see a symbol appear to control the exposure. On the iPhone it is the symbol of the sun and you can simply slide your finger up and down to increase or decrease the exposure. On Samsung phones, Pixel phones, and other Android devices, there is a slider that appears with the plus and minus symbols, which you can use to control exposure. When shooting in very bright sunlight, it may be best to reduce the exposure just a little so that colors are more accurate at times.

Try all those lenses: If your smartphone has three or four lenses on the back, Holi is a good time to use them all and add variety to your shots. The ultra wide lens on your smartphone will allow you to capture much more in the same frame. Phones like Redmi Note 8 Pro, the new Realme 6 Pro, Samsung Galaxy M31, Vivo S1, vivo U10, and many other budget options have an ultra-wide 8MP camera on the back.

Holi 2020, Holi tips and tricks, Holi photo tips, Holi 2020 iPhone tips, Holi 2020 how to take the best photos, Holi photo tips for iPhone, Holi tips for Samsung S20, Holi photo tips , Holi Redmi Note 8 Pro photos, Holi photos best tips An example of an ultra wide shot taken with the Galaxy S20 +, which allows users to capture more on-frame. Use this mode to your advantage when shooting large crowds of people in Holi. (Image source: Shruti Dhapola / Indian Express)

Premium flagships like the iPhone 11, the Galaxy S10, the new S20 series, the OnePlus 7 series also offer the option to shoot in an ultra wide-angle mode. When you shoot in ultra wide angle mode, you will notice that the zoom level says 0.5x and the lens also changes. An advantage of using this on Holi is that ultra wide angle will also allow you to capture more people in the frame than the normal lens.

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Some phones also come with a macro lens, which allows you to get very close to an object, in some cases as close as 2 cm or others that support up to 4 cm. Now, while many of these macro cameras may not work in low light when it comes to detail, they do better in daylight. If your phone has a macro lens, give them a try on Holi to see some very close shots of that thaali with gulaal.

Portrait mode is now possible on most budget and high-end smartphones. Image of the Basant Utsav celebrations in Kolkata. (EXPRESS PHOTO OF PARTHA PAUL)

Portrait mode: This is possible on most phones, even those with individual cameras like the iPhone XR. Portrait mode will erase the background, although each company has a different name for this. On Samsung phones, it is called Live Focus. Portrait shots are also available on the front cameras of most smartphones. When clicking on someone in portrait mode, make sure that the person is at an optimal distance and that there is good lighting. Some cameras will also warn you if you need to zoom in or out for best results.

Some phones also allow you to change the background of your Portrait shot after clicking, so you can add more effects, without having to download any kind of specialized application. Portrait shots are a great way to capture your friends and family on Holi and create good memories.

With the ultra wide-angle angle on most smartphone cameras, you can capture much more in-frame. Image of the Basant Utsav celebrations in Kolkata. (EXPRESS PHOTO OF PARTHA PAUL)

Burst mode: Burst mode is also a quick way to take lots of photos quickly, and then choose the best image later. The advantage is that when you shoot your friends or family in Holi, who are unlikely to stay very still, you can capture multiple moments with this mode. If many things happen at once, Burst mode can be a very useful function. On iPhone, just hold down the shutter and it will automatically go into burst mode, taking a number of shots as long as you hold down the shutter. On the S20 +, just slide the shutter button down and it will take burst shots.

On Xiaomi phones, Burst Shooting mode is available to take these types of photos, although you will have to go to Settings to make sure it is activated. Once activated, you can press and hold the shutter button to take a series of photos in quick succession and then choose the best option from the gallery. Interestingly, the Pixel 3XL replaces burst mode with Top Shot, where the camera displays the best shot, though you must keep the motion function turned on if you want to try this out.

However, it may be a good idea to delete the shots you don’t want to keep later.

Videos about Holi: When it comes to video, many phones now offer 4K resolution, though very few actually deliver the results one would want. And there are also many video recording apps that you can trust. When recording videos, try to keep your hands steady, check the resolution at which the camera is shooting. You can always switch to higher resolution and frame rate, offering great results.

Many phones also support slow-motion video, and you can use them for creative effects, especially when action is involved, such as when someone drops a water balloon or when capturing people who put on color. Slow motion can also lead to some fun videos, giving you just the right time.

Protect the device and lens: Don’t forget this while taking photos during Holi, especially if your hands are covered in color. Keep your smartphone lens clean at all times, maybe take a separate microfiber cloth to clean the lens. Keeping the lens clean will ensure less blurry shots.

Also, wear a sturdy case with your phone. While some flagship phones come with a water protection rating, if someone dips their phone into a pool, they may not be able to survive. Please note that waterproof ratings, such as IP67 or IP68, are found primarily on flagships such as the iPhone and Samsung’s premium devices. The “splash” resistant coating you see on some inexpensive devices like Redmi Note 8 Pro, is fine for accidental spills and splashes, not if the phone falls into a large tub of water.

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