Tina Fey requests that black-faced “30 Rock” episodes be removed from streaming platforms

Tina Fey asked streaming platforms to remove “30 Rock” episodes that included blackface and her request is honored, according to Vulture. Four episodes of the hit NBC show are being removed from Hulu and Amazon Prime and are no longer available for purchase on iTunes and Google Plus.

The change comes after Fey, the show’s star and executive producer, sent a note to distribution partners asking them to remove episodes that include the offensive makeup “race change,” Vulture reported. The episodes will also not be broadcast on television.

“As we strive to get the job done and improve when it comes to race in America, we believe these episodes with actors with race-changing makeup are taken out of circulation,” Fey wrote. “Now I understand that ‘intention’ is not a free pass for whites to use these images. I apologize for the pain they have caused. In the future, no comedy-loving child needs to trip over these tropes and be stung for their ugliness. I thank NBCUniversal for complying with this request. “

“30 Rock” aired from 2006 to 2013. The historically racist black face makeup was worn by Jane Krakowski’s character Jenna in two episodes, reports Vulture. Reddit users noted that these episodes, which were part of seasons three and five, were removed at least a week ago.

Two additional episodes will also be removed, according to Vulture. The live episode of the sixth season show, featuring guest star Jon Hamm in a black face, will no longer be available. Another live episode from the fifth season will also be removed. However, only the east coast version is being retired. The west coast version will remain, says Vulture.

Decisions come later HBO Max According to multiple reports, “Gone with the Wind” was temporarily removed amid protests over the movie’s dated depictions of slavery and racism. That decision followed the publication of an opinion piece by “12 Years a Slave” screenwriter John Ridley in the Los Angeles Times. Ridley said “Gone with the Wind” doesn’t just fall short of the performance. “It is a movie that glorifies Antebellum South,” he said.

A spokesperson for HBO Max said the film will finally return to its streaming catalog, along with additional content that would contextualize controversial historical representations and elements of the story.

Zach Seemayer contributed to this report.