The Yankees ’Geo Ursella puts on the show in return for Cleveland

Geo Ursella did everything he could to make his return to Cleveland memorable.

The third baseman came through the Indian organization and entered the main field with Cleveland and on Wednesday he hit a magnificent slam that gave the Yankees the lead and a 10-9 win in the Bombers series. Game On the progressive field 2. He also made a terrific diving game to finish eighth bottom and maintain the Yankees ’loss on a run with Aroldis Chapman on Tiki.

“He was probably the star of the game in a lot of big-time performances,” Aaron Boone said after the Yankees advanced to ALDS in San Diego.

Ursella called it “one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life.”

It will be difficult to argue. His rally erupted from his single at the top of the ninth and he scored on DJ Lamhiu’s single. Right-hander James Crunch gave the Yankees a 4-4 lead from Ursella’s fourth-innings Grand Slam.

That came after Aaron Hicks started the innings in an in-deli from Cleveland starter Carlos Carresco with a triple over DeShields’ head. Luke Waite and Giancarlo Stanton went to load the bases.

Gio Ursella celebrates after hitting a grand slam in the fourth innings of the Yankees' 10-9 series win over the Indians.
Gio Ursella celebrates after hitting a grand slam in the fourth innings of the Yankees’ 10-9 series win over the Indians.Corey Sipkin

Acting manager Sandy Alomer Jr. went to the bullpen for Krinchick, who went on to make a full count against Ursella before Ursella took a fastball ball with a shot with a 432૨ foot trip.

After that, Urshela said she doesn’t know what’s going on in her mind as she goes round and round with her characters.

“To be honest I don’t remember,” Ursella said. “I remember I hit the ball and then he would give my teammates a high-five.”

He almost topped his game in third on a shot from Carlos Santana, which Ursella closed and he threw from the ground to start a double play.

“It’s no secret, we all know Geo is capable,” Chapman said through an interpreter. “I really think he saved the game there. If the ball goes away from him, at least one run comes. It was a beautiful game. “

When Ursella first played in the postseason, he was an all-field, non-hit third baseman who made two key mistakes in the 2017 ALDS that helped the Yankees advance.

Now, he’s a very different player.

Asked before Game 2 how he grew up with his time with the Indians, Ursella said, “I have a lot of guesses. I feel like a different player [with a] Different mindsets. “

Both sides of the ball have improved and even after Miguel Andujar’s return to health this season, the Yankees were persuaded to stick with Ursella.

And he continues to impress his teammates, including DJ Lamehiu, who compared Ursella’s play to Nolan Arenado in third place.

Le Mahiyu played with the perennial All-Star and Gold Glove-winner in Colorado before coming to the Bronx last season.

“He’s a special defender,” said Lemhieu. “I’ll put him in the Nolan category defensively. Offensively, it looks like he hits the hard ball every time. He’s been big for us all year. He’s a really good player.” .I really respect his game. “

This is a very long milestone since 2018, when Ursella was hired by the Indians for assignment and then in May she traded in Blue. Later that season, Toronto sent Ursella to the Yankees for about 25 25,000.

The investment for the Yankees has paid off.

“He makes some acrobatic plays. You think he has no chance and he has the ball constantly,” Le Maihiu said.

Boon has been amazing while managing the last two seasons at Ursella.

“He has really strong and really accurate hands from many different angles,” Boone said. “His hands are good. And I think this year, his range has increased. He’s special on the third base. It’s fun to watch. ”

And while the defensive metrics haven’t always agreed that Ursula is better than average at the position, Boone said the Yankees ’internal standards have improved.

“He’s very selective there,” Boone said.