The Utah Health Department has reported 5,042 new coronavirus cases in the last 2 days

SALT LAKE CITY – After New Year’s Day, the Utah Health Department’s first report in 2021 shows 5,042 newly confirmed cases of covid-19 and 25 new deaths in the state.

The department says 3,110 of them would have been reported on Friday.

With the update, a total of 281,654 confirmed cases and 1,212 deaths have been reported from Covid-19 since the epidemic began in Utah. The health department says more than 14,900 cases were investigated Thursday and a total of 1,740,903 cases have now been investigated. There are currently 7,48ah hospitalizations due to the coronavirus, and 11,101 hospitalizations due to the epidemic last year.

In the past week, the state has an average of 2,506 new reported cases per day and a positive testing rate of 27.4%.

There is no coronavirus news conference from state leaders scheduled for the weekend. Gov, who led most of the news conferences in the year 2020. Gary Herbert will step down and take the oath of office on Monday.

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Test results now include data from PCR tests and antigen tests. Positive COVID-19 test results are reported to the health department immediately after confirmation, but negative test results cannot be reported for 24 to 72 hours.

The total number of cases reported daily by the Utah Department of Health includes all cases of Covid-19 because of the Utah outbreak, currently those who are infected, those who have recovered from the disease and those who have died.

Definition of a case that was recovered was diagnosed with Covid-19 three or more weeks ago and did not die.

Referral hospitals are the 16 Utah hospitals that have the ability to provide the best COVID-19 health care.

Deaths reported by the state usually occur two to seven days before their report, according to the health department. Some deaths may be later, especially if the person is from Utah but has died in another state.

The Department of Health reports both confirmed and probable COVID-19 case deaths as defined by the Council State and Territorial Epidemiologist. Death counts may change once case investigation is completed.

For deaths reported as Covid-19 deaths, according to the Department of Health, if the person did not have Covid-19, the person would not have died.

The data contained in this story primarily reflect the state of Utah as a whole. For more local data, visit your local health district website.

More information about Utah health guidance levels is available at levels.

Information is from the Utah Department of Health and accounts. For more information on how the Utah Health Department compiles and reports COVID-19 data, see Coronavirus.outh.

Graham Dudley

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