The U.S. airline industry is pushing for CDC guidelines that say vaccinated people should avoid traveling.

U.S. lawmakers are calling for research into the effects of coronavirus epidemics on mental health.

Democratic senators from Minnesota and Tim Cain from Virginia specifically told CNN they plan to introduce the Covid-19 Mental Health Research Act on Tuesday afternoon. The law will direct the National Institute of Mental Health to spend 100 100 million annually for five years for research on epidemic mental health outcomes.

Meanwhile, New York’s Democratic Rep. Paul Tonko and Republican Rep. John Cuttack will introduce the home version of the law, Klobuchter’s office said.

“Healthcare workers have taken this community through this crisis, with many people experiencing intense stress and discomfort,” Kloebuch said in a statement to CNN.

“Children, adolescents and seniors have also been particularly affected. To understand how we and – all Americans – can best support them in these difficult times, we must assess the scope of this mental health crisis and take steps to promote recovery.” Should and “healing,” she said.

The proposed bill would support research that examines the epidemic toll on mental health, especially for health care workers. Other funds will support post-epidemic mental health responses and suicide prevention.

Tonko said focusing on mental health after the epidemic would be part of “America’s rebuilding,” especially for medical professionals and emergency responders.

“Every day they show up to work, they risk exposure to this deadly virus and to protect our families and communities, it raises an incredible emotional burden for all of us. We need to do more to support them and make sure “Because we work with understanding,” he said, urging his colleagues in the House and Senate to pass the law.

A study published in the JAMA Psychiatry Journal in February found that visits to the emergency department related to mental health, suicide attempts, overdoses, intimate partner violence and suspected child abuse were generally higher during the epidemic last year compared to the same period last year. .

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U.S. lawmakers want more research on mental health toll on coronavirus epidemic