‘The Real:’ Loni Love says the dismissal of Tamar Braxton “tarnished” the show and she was banned from talking about it

Tamar Braxton has not co-hosted The real in four years, but she’s still a hot topic in relation to the show. Her dismissal caused great speculation about the behind-the-scenes drama and Braxton made it clear that she believes Loni Love was part of her dismissal. A former friend of Love made shocking claims that she was involved in Braxton’s firing, which Love denies. In her new book, Love finally shares her side of the story, insisting that she is innocent, and also explains that she believes Braxton’s dismissal tarnished the show.

Loni Love and Tamar Braxton
Loni Love and Tamar Braxton via Twitter

Loni Love was accused of firing Tamar Braxton from ‘The Real’

Before the news that Braxton was fired, the Braxton Family Values Star posted an extensive message on Instagram alleging that she had been stabbed by close friends. After Love B. Scott exclusively reported that Braxton was fired, fans assumed that Braxton was referring to Love in his post when he stopped following the comedian.

A former friend and business partner of Love’s, Cookie Hull, spoke to Comedy hype and claimed that Love was jealous of Braxton’s popularity on the show and wanted him to leave.

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“She told me he was going to try to catch her [Braxton] out of the show, ”said Hull. “She told me that she wanted to be the only ghetto girl on the show and that she wanted to get rid of her.”

Hull claimed Love sent the emails from the network while Braxton was on medical leave with the intention of proving that the program was successful without Braxton. Braxton later posted text message screenshots of a mutual friend of hers and Hull, corroborating Hull’s version of events.

Loni Love says the studio banned her from talking about the firing of Tamar Braxton and “tarnished” the show.

Love previously explained that she did not know that Braxton would be fired and that she was surprised when the network made the decision. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Love says that the reaction against her continued and that she was unable to defend herself because the network did not allow her or her co-hosts to talk about Braxton’s departure.

Hosts of 'The Real'
‘The Real’ hosts via Twitter

“I think I got a bad reputation, and all the girls had a bad reputation. But it was really about me because we weren’t allowed to talk about it and when you weren’t allowed to talk about it, that means there is only one side of the story, “Love said. “So what happens is that the perception of that side becomes reality, and that is what hurts. It is very unfair, but the people in the industry probably know it, but the external people do not do it and that is what is not totally fair. ”

All he could say at first was that he had no knowledge of what happened. In turn, she says it failed and tarnished the show’s reputation, explaining that it took them a few seasons to get over the debacle.

Hosts of 'The Real'
‘The Real’ hosts via Twitter

“You look at other talk show hosts. They are canned and contracts end all the time. … This was the first show that was like, all women of color, and it really tarnished the show, I think. She left this cloud of suspicion on the show, and it took us a couple of seasons to get over it, “Love said. “The show was not made for that. The program was really meant to elevate and show diversity among women. “

Loni Love insists that it had nothing to do with the dismissal of Tamar Braxton from ‘The Real’

Love has always maintained that she and her co-hosts were part of Braxton’s firing. He has contacted Braxton several times since his departure and even invited her to the show, but Braxton has declined. Love told ET that he understands Braxton’s resistance.

“Someone lost a job. That was embarrassing, it was painful, it was confusing for all of us, ”he said.

Still, even though Braxton decided to stay aloof, Love wishes him well. She is a Braxton champion from afar and hopes that one day they can figure things out.