‘The president is behind’: Karl Rove offers a stern warning to the Trump campaign

The dire remarks by one of the Republican Party’s most revered political minds, which POLITICO reported last week is now advising the Trump campaign, come amid growing concerns within the Republican Party about the President’s response to the pandemic of coronaviruses and widespread racial discontent.

Trump’s erratic handling of those twin crises and increasingly incendiary rhetoric have exacerbated concerns about his electoral prospects among Republicans in Congress and other leading party figures.

The president did nothing to reassure allies during a town hall event on Thursday night, when he offered a meandering response to Sean Hannity after the Fox News presenter asked him about his priorities for a possible second term.

“He did not know many people in Washington” at the time of his inauguration, Trump said amid comments that were deemed inconsistent. “Now I know everyone.”

On Friday, Rove assessed that presenting an understandable agenda for the next four years is the “most important” step Trump must take to regain balance over Biden in the White House career.

“What do you want to do next? No president is reelected simply by saying, “I’ve done a good job,” Rove said, noting that Trump “needs to get a better answer” to the question posed by Hannity.

“You cannot win unless you have a disciplined and focused campaign strategy,” he added. “And these polls suggest that the president and his team need to reexamine what they are doing and come up with a better game plan.”