The nurse is on leave to brag about the ticket ok she doesn’t wear a mask

Reg Reagan is placed on administrative leave after posting a ticket ok video to the nurse, while he has not removed the basic CWID-19 steps.

A deleted post from user @ LoveZine 05 shows a nurse wearing a scrubs and a stethoscope with a caption, “When my co-workers find out I’m still traveling, don’t wear a mask when you come out and let my kids play dates. The “couple” of the original ticket remains online.

Users apparently identified the nurse and then alerted her employer, Salem Health.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the hospital thanked community members for arriving and announced that she had been “placed on administrative leave pending investigation.”

Salem Health does not disclose its name.

“Yesterday, a nurse working with Salem Health posted a video on social media in which the equine was neglected due to the severity of the epidemic and the indifference to physical distance and masking outside of work.”

“Salem Health believes that we all need to take part in protecting vulnerable people and preventing the rapid spread of COVID-19. This requires staff, patients and visitors to wear masks from CDC and others and follow guidelines about social distance. The covid epidemic is serious and requires a serious response. And at Salem Health we are very serious about our approach to covid. “

While many commenters praised the hospital for disciplining the nurse, others slapped her for not firing on the spot.

“There should be no investigation. Fire her and strip her of any of her licenses. One Facebook user wrote that she did not deserve to be a nurse if what she had to do would put some of the most immune people at risk.

Another sarcastic comment, “Paid leave so she can travel a little more and be more at risk when patients return.”