The new Twitch Prime channel has reality shows, comedies, and tournaments

If you’re not sure what to watch on Twitch, the team behind Twitch Prime expects you to try tuning into their new channel. The Crown Channel is a bit more like a traditional television network: It will have regular programming and different program styles, from reality series to comedy shows and game tournaments. “If you’re not a regular Twitch viewer, you’ll still find it very entertaining,” said Richard Hilleman, creative director for Twitch Prime Live. The edge.

The Crown Channel has been technically live and features intermittent programming since last year, but it only formally launches today with the announcement of a first regular series. It will be a weekly reality show called Chasing the crown: streamer dreamers that combines little streamers with big streamers as mentors. The program will be broadcast live, and viewers will be able to affect the result through polls, games and chats. Between each week’s show, streamers have to meet certain goals, and how they are doing on the platform and within the Twitch community will also influence the show. The winner may compete in one of the channel’s Crown Cup tournaments. Additional Crown Channel shows will be announced in July and August with an emphasis on comedy and pop culture.

The channel comes from Twitch Prime, which is technically a separate entity from Twitch. That means this is not necessarily a reflection of what Twitch leaders believe will be successful on the platform, nor a sign that Twitch is making a great move for the original programming, though Bloomberg He recently reported that there may be much more to come. Twitch is owned by Amazon, and Amazon’s Prime subscription service has a section called Twitch Prime that offers benefits for Twitch viewers. Crown Channel comes from that group’s live team, which is specifically focused on creating live content with an eye toward Prime users.

Although it comes from Twitch Prime, the Crown Channel is open for anyone to see. Hilleman said Prime viewers simply “will have more fun.”

That also means that the success of the channel will not be judged strictly based on the audience directly. Part of the goal will be to encourage people to sign up for Prime or participate with content from channel sponsors. (She recently ran a Words with friends show starring Garth Brooks, for example). And despite corporate divisions, the Twitch Prime group is intended to help Twitch succeed, and its ability to test new formats could help reach new viewers.

“This programming is designed to expand the number of people who come to the Crown Channel,” said Hilleman, “and by nature, expand the number of people who come to Twitch.”

The first episode of Dreamers to streamers will premiere Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.