The new Apple iPhones have a serious problem

07/29 Update below. This post was originally published on July 28.

Apple’s new iPhone 12 range looks great, has an early release date, and surprisingly low prices. But now we have more context around a possible deciding factor that may mean millions of updates decide to keep their current iPhones.

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In short, it is the most important: battery life. In a new video, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApplePro) described Apple’s decision to drop the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 range as “very disappointing” and “baffling” given what he knows about the process of model development.

07/29 Update: Mysterious Apple hardware leak Mr white, which has a near-perfect record, has revealed the first images of Apple’s next-generation A14 chipset, which will power the iPhone 12 line. The code on the chip says “2016,” which is Apple’s coding for it to be manufactured. in the week 16 of 2020, that is, April. This is a time of year when Apple often tests the first production lines. The A14 is being promoted as one of Apple’s biggest performance leaps in several generations, particularly in terms of multitasking performance and energy efficiency. Something that will be needed, given the range’s surprisingly small battery capacities (detailed below). So there is a lot at stake on the chip.

The well-connected YouTuber reveals that Apple had developed a new power chip for iPhone 12 models in order to allow for the installation of larger batteries. He also notes that the square chassis design, “would actually fit more internals, so it’s a bit puzzling to see that the battery capacities are lower.”

Those capacities are: 2,227 mAh (Apple ‌iPhone 12‌), 2,775 mAh (iPhone 12 Max), 2,815 mAh (iPhone 12 Pro) and 3,687 mAh (iPhone 12 Pro Max). All of which represents a drop of about 10% from their equivalent iPhone 11 models, despite the fact that the new iPhones add 5G, which consumes a lot of energy.

Based on this, Koroy claims that several new iPhone 12 features are now being phased out due to these battery limitations. In particular, it says that its 120Hz high refresh rate displays (which were already in doubt) are now “dead in the water,” while its long-awaited reverse wireless charging functionality (eg charging AirPods from your iPhone). now it is “very unlikely”.

So why would Apple make this move? Koroy reports a potentially irritating reason: Apple is building a new smart battery case for iPhone 12 models. The accessory doesn’t have a Lightning connector and only charges wirelessly, which would serve to make the transition for iPhone owners to Apple’s radical vision of a wireless iPhone without a port in 2021. Especially with Apple also removing the charger from this year’s iPhones.

On the other hand, Apple will be very successful with the iPhone 12 line. The new design is very popular, there are more screen sizes than ever, the changes in the cameras are ambitious and then there are the lower launch prices than expected.

So yes, you should be excited even if you feel like Apple got through the tough stuff while dropping the ball with the greatest of ease – put in the biggest batteries you can every year. Will Apple achieve an engineering marvel to make up for these reduced capabilities? If you want millions of iPhone owners to upgrade in these financially challenging times, you might have to.


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