The Mets announce 60-man player pool ahead of summer practice

The Mets have announced the names of the 45 players who will make up their initial group of players for the truncated 2020 season.

The group includes 34 members of the List of 40 men (Noah Syndergaard He was placed on the 45-day injured list while recovering from Tommy John surgery) and 11 guests who are not on the list.

40-man pitchers Stephen Gonsalves, Jordan Humphreys, Franklyn Kilomeand Thomas Szapucki they were not included in the initial list.

Summer camp officially begins at Citi Field on Wednesday, July 1. Players from both groups who don’t break the Opening Day roster will be sent to MCU Park on Coney Island, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones, to stay cool.

Below are the players that are not part of the list that join the group. While the total limit is 60 players, teams can add as needed.

Jugs (3): David peterson, Chasen Shreve, Kevin Smith

Collectors (2): Patrick Mazeika, René Rivera

Infielders (3): Matt Adams, Max moroff, Eduardo Nunez

Gardeners (2): Johneshwy Fargas, Jarrett Parker

Games and trainings within the squad will be abundant in the group during the season, but games between teams from different organizations will not be allowed.

With the minor league season likely to be canceled, including a farmer in the group is the only way to guarantee him direct coaching this year.

An Arizona Fall League expansion or similar setup may be implemented in Florida in the coming months, but some teams were inclined to include their best prospects, the Mets didn’t include any of their big fish, to make sure they won. ‘Don’t miss an entire year of development.

Veterans like Adams, Núñez and Rivera have a great opportunity to be a contributor this season, perhaps even having a chance to break the Opening Day 30-man roster.

Shreve, a left-handed reliever, and Fargas, a swift outfielder, offer unique skills that may be useful in the future.

Mazeika, Peterson and Smith are the only three local players included in the initial roster.

It should be noted that the Mets are not locked in with this specific group of players throughout the 2020 season. Exchanges, exemptions, and free agency work as they would in a normal year (with the exception that only group players can be exchanged ).

However, the only way to remove a healthy player other than 40 men from the group is to trade him or release him. Can be re-signed, but a released player cannot be re-added to the group.

Similarly, a 40-player who deletes exemptions and is excluded from the list cannot be added to the group again.

That means the most flexible players are those with remaining minor league options. Pitchers like it Robert Gsellman, Paul Sewaldand Daniel Zamora You can enter and leave the active list without having to go through exemptions, where they would end up being claimed by another team or sent directly to the minors and considered ineligible to return to the group.

It is also worth clarifying that the group of 60 players should be referred to as the “group of players”. The term “taxi squad”, which has been incorrectly used interchangeably with the group, actually refers to the three players (one receiver) who can travel outside the group and with the major league team on the way to serve as injury replacement without having to be added to the active list.

All players will report to New York before Wednesday, with the first full team training scheduled for Friday, July 3. The two-day buffer will allow appropriate COVID tests to be administered to players, coaches, and support personnel.