The man was hospitalized after escaping a rough arrest in Miami while in police custody

Miami – Police are searching for a man who escaped from a Miami hospital while in custody.

The man, identified as Leskil Richards, was injured during an arrest in Miami on Sunday.

He returned to the hospital on Monday after suffering a seizure, his relatives said.

According to police, Richards found the perfect moment to escape from the officer guarding him late Monday night at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The officer chased but Richards fled west.

Police set up a perimeter in the area around the hospital. They found Shakeel’s shirt and a cast that he wore on his arm.

Locals 10 learned that around 8 a.m. Richards did not reach his family, who said they were worried and scared for him.


Lovers of 25-year-old Richards spoke to local 10 News on Monday night.

“That’s how it happened,” said Iskiah Richards, Leskill’s sister. “I’m shaken.”

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She is upset and worried after her brother was taken into custody after her rough arrest and was later able to escape from police custody at Jackson, where she was treated and detained.

“I don’t understand how this happened,” Ishia said. “She is OK. I’m just lost. I just hope he is in the right state of his mind. Now I’m worried. ”

Police consider Richards dangerous.

He was last seen wearing blue pants and he was probably shirtless.

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