The latest on the contractual status of the Chris Jones Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs really want defensive tackle Chris Jones to return in the long term, though “there hasn’t been much traction at all” yet toward a new deal, according to NFL Network’s James Palmer in a tweet on Friday.

Jones, 25, currently has a franchise but has not yet signed his offer. Jones’ long-term contract extension deadline is July 15, which Palmer cites in his report.

The last previous news that came up about Jones was in late May, when it was revealed that the two sides were not talking at all. Palmer confirmed that “there is still not much traction” as reported then, but the new in Friday’s report is a potential reason why: The COVID-19 pandemic has played a major role in the uncertainty of the wage limit for 2021 and beyond. That could well be a factor in what’s stopping the Chiefs and franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes from reaching an agreement on his long-term contract extension.

As John Dixon described in mid-June, there are three potential results if the Chiefs and Jones have not reached agreement on a long-term extension by July 15:

– Jones will sign the franchise tender and will play the 2020 season for $ 16.1 million.

– He will choose to stay out for a time, until the tenth week of the season, before signing the tender. Regardless of what you choose to do, you can only play for the Chiefs in 2020.

– The Chiefs will rescind the tag, releasing $ 16.1 million from his salary cap in 2020 and making Jones a free agent.

CBS Sports cap expert Joel Corry, who has been right about Jones before, recently commented on what he hopes will happen:

Regardless of Palmer’s report, Corry’s assumption still appears to be the most likely outcome.