The Last Of Us Part II Players Keep Covering Johnny Cash’s Damage

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Screenshot: Naughty dog (Kotaku)

For a long time, people have joked about guys who take their guitars to parties and play “Wonderwall” over and over. Now it seems that the virtual equivalent of this meme is people playing Hurt in The last of us, part II.

The last of us, part II it is full of violence, darkness and much death. But a nicer part of the game has become popular on YouTube and Twitter. Players can access and play a guitar in-game offering a surprisingly deep simulation of a real instrument, allowing players to make versions of famous songs.

Sitting down and playing the game’s guitar isn’t just a little button combination minigame. Instead, developer Naughty Dog built a nearly functional digital guitar, complete with strumming and multiple chords. This means that players who practice theoretically enough can play almost any song they can think of, although they will all sound like the MTV Unplugged versions of the original.

Apparently many people have been inspired to play Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, a song that in itself is a version.

I get it. For many people who probably don’t listen to country, that version of “Hurt” might be one of the few songs they’ve heard that features an acoustic guitar. And with the song becoming popular again since it appeared in the Logan trailer, it’s not surprising that so many people are covering this song in The last of us, part II. Also, considering how sad and dark that song is, it feels good to have Ellie play it.

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In Youtube you can find numerous TLOU2 “Damage” covers. Many of them are really good!

Some people have even gone the extra mile and added their own voice, and while no one has the voice of the late Johnny Cash, some players are still talented singers who can also play a virtual guitar.

Also, yes, the players are also covering some other songs. For example, someone played “Boulevard of broken dreams“For Green Day. Another player made good coverage from “Hotel California”By The Eagles. AND “CrawlRadiohead has also been covered.

But by a fairly wide margin “Hurt” is, at least for now, the most covered song on The last of us, part II based on videos from Twitter and YouTube.

I can’t wait for the inevitable scenario where someone pulls out their PS4 Pro at a party and serenades everyone there with their version of “Hurt”. And maybe a “Wonderwall” encore.