The largest canyon in the solar system came out in stunning new images

About 87 million miles (140 million kilometers) above Grand Canyon, Also cut from the bowels of the large, grinder abyss Red Planet. Known as the Wallace Marineries, this deep deep, wide valley system runs more than 2,500 miles (4,000 km) along the equator spread over about a quarter of the planet’s circumference. The Gesh in Bedrock Mars It is as long and three times as long as the Grand Canyon of the Earth, making it the only largest canyon. Solar system – And, according to ongoing research from Tucson University Ari Rizona (UAE), a very mysterious one.

UA scientists have been taking close-up shots of the planet’s bizarre features since 2006, using an ultra-high-resolution camera called the HRSE (short for High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. As follows, Hirsch posted on the website December 26, 2020 – Scientists still can’t confirm how the Gregantuan Canyon complex was created.

The titanium glasses (part of Mars’ Wells Marineris) are cut along diagonal lines of silt that may indicate the ancient cycle of cooling and melting. (Image Credit: NASA / JPL / Eurizona)