The Houston Texans will trade LB Bernard McKinney with the Miami Dolphins for the LB Vegetable Law Sun, sources say.

Davy, Fla. – The Dolphins and Texans have agreed to start linebackers when Miami will send Shakal Law Sun to Houston and receive Benardic McKinney in return, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schaefter.

Teams are also turning to late-night elections in the deal. Miami is sending out sixth-round picks in 2021 and regaining the pick of the 2021 seventh-round pick, sources told ESPN.

Trading cannot be made official until the start of the league year, which starts at 4pm ET on Wednesday.

The Dolphins have long admired McKinney, who should move forward like an inside linebacker against Jerome Baker and fill the void left by the introduction of Kyle Van Noy and the remaining free-agency departures of Kamu Grugier-Hill and Elanden Roberts. The Texans get an upgrade to Edge Rusher by acquiring Lawson, who kept four sacks while playing outside the linebacker last season and is a tough, reliable run defender.

The move comes after Houston signed a one-year deal worth સુધી 4.5 million with linerback Christian Kirksy. McKinney, who signed a five-year, 50 50 million contract in 2018, has no guaranteed amount left in the final three years of his contract. In 2021 it is .2 7.2 million outstanding.

Minnie, a pro bowler in 2018, played only four games in 2020 before undergoing shoulder surgery.

In 2020, Houston signed a four-year, 58 58 million contract with linerback Zack Cunningham. Before the Texans traded McKinney, the pair amassed more than 10.5% of Texans’ total cap in 2021.

Lonson signed a three-year, 30 30 million deal with Miami in March last year, and is now the second notable multi-year free-agent to sign D Significant Luffins, joining Van Noy a season later. Lawson, who is set to make .5 8.5 million in 2021, said in his one-year stint in Miami that the team had not produced a pass rush.

While making a big hole on the edge rusher, the Dolphins fill their hole on the inside linebacker, where only Emanuel Ogaba and Andrew Van Jinkel remain as the main contributors. This may signal Miami’s expectation to remain active in that position in the free agency.

Sarah Baroshop of ESPN contributed to this report.