The feds designate the writer of daily calls as part of the Jack Abramoff Payola scheme

When federal prosecutors charged Jack Abramoff on Thursday with an unlawful conspiracy to promote a cryptocurrency, they alleged that the disgraced lobbyist hired writers to assist him with his plan. The prosecution does not name names. But the new court documents point directly to an employee of The Daily Caller and other conservative media.

Abramoff, who served nearly four years in prison for his extensive Washington influence-peddling plans, found himself in legal trouble again this week for his attempts to promote AML Bitcoin, a supposedly “anti-money laundering” cryptocurrency created by Texan businessman Marcus. Andrade As part of his duties, Abramoff handled promoting AML Bitcoin and, according to the indictment, arranged secret payments for writers on various websites to promote the digital currency and its capabilities.

“Abramoff recruited and paid writers to publish and disseminate, under the names of those writers, articles written specifically promoting AML Bitcoin, as well as promoting the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency that was fully compatible with [anti-money-laundering] and [know-your-customer] laws and regulations, “reads Abramoff’s indictment.” These articles were published as opinion editorials or ‘opinion articles’ on known news and financial websites. The recruited writers did not disclose in the published piece that Abramoff or AML Bitcoin had been paid to spread the information in the article. “

In a related complaint filed against Andrade and his company, the NAC Foundation, SEC attorneys alleged that Abramoff arranged the publication of articles and even secretly wrote some of them, in an attempt to exaggerate AML Bitcoin’s technical abilities and deceive to investors. That complaint also provided some clear breadcrumbs that led to Daily Caller as one of the outlets that operated on material paid for by Abramoff and his associates.

As part of their plans to promote AML Bitcoin, Abramoff and Andrade allegedly invented what prosecutors call a “false rejection plan” to claim that the NFL and NBC refused to issue a Super Bowl ad for the currency they mocked. from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Actually, according to the SEC, Andrade and Abramoff never had the $ 5 million they would need for a Super Bowl ad. The plan was discredited almost immediately, and NBC told BuzzFeed that Andrade’s company had never purchased advertising time.

However, claims about the Super Bowl announcement were picked up by Daily Caller writer Derek Hunter. On February 2, 2018, Hunter wrote an article with the headline: “The NFL rejects the Super Bowl ad because it mocks Kim Jong-Un.”

“First, the NFL rejected a print ad from a group of veterans asking Super Bowl attendees to represent the national anthem,” Hunter wrote. “Now the league and NBC, the network that aired the game on Sunday, have rejected an AML BitCoin television commercial as being” too political, “according to the company.

That article is mentioned in the SEC complaint. Its author, who is not listed in the complaint, describes himself as “paid by NAC.”

“Another NAC-paid author published an article titled ‘NFL Rejects Super Bowl Ad Because It Mocks Kim Jong-Un’ Saying ‘The League and NBC, the Network Broadcasting the Game on Sunday, Rejected a Television Advert AML BitCoin for being “too political” according to the company, “the complaint read.

The complaint notes that the author of the article, along with another writer in another post, never “disclosed that they had been paid to promote AML BitCoin.”

The only article online that matches the SEC’s body description, publication date, and headline for the story was the Hunter article published by Daily Caller. Hunter also wrote an article about AML Bitcoin in 2017, claiming “sources on the hill” said lawmakers were evaluating cryptocurrency’s anti-money laundering abilities. That article is not mentioned in court documents.