‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ talks about the Bubba Wallace Noose incident – Deadline

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said he is relieved by the FBI’s conclusion that no knots were specifically placed in his Talladega garage. But you are still questioning that report.

Wallace appeared in various media outlets on Wednesday, including tonight’s Trevor Noah. Daily show of social distance. During her conversation with Noah, she stated that her team “checked each and every garage around us. No one had anything like us” regarding the shape of the rope.

As the only African-American driver at NASCAR’s top tier, and a key player in the movement to ban the Confederate flag at his racing events, Wallace said he carried “increased awareness around Talledega,” a race track in Alabama, as a possible place where there could be a backlash.

Wallace said he told his sponsors and supporters that the incident has a “bigger picture” involving race, and that he has vowed to “defend my position and help NASCAR paint a new picture.”

While he was relieved at the conclusion of the FBI report, “I knew this would change to the negative side,” adding that once the initial reports of a rope were discredited, “People compared me to Jussie Smollett,” the Actor who is currently facing legal problems for a hate hoax he allegedly perpetrated in Chicago.

“I am not a political person at all,” Wallace insisted, adding: “I have never taken the card out of the race.” But he said that now that he has a platform, he will defend “a race that feels defeated.” I don’t want to see my people fall like this. I want to defend them. “

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