The Cubs could be facing the White Sox for 10% of their games this year.

We’re still waiting for the official release of the schedules for MLB’s planned 60 game season this year, and that could come at any time.

We know that the schedule starts on July 23 or 24 (it looks like there will be two launch games on July 23, all the others will start on the 24th), and we know that it will feature 40 games within its own division and 20 games against the same geographic division. counterpart in the other league.

But one thing we haven’t known is whether the games would be distributed evenly, or whether MLB would try to preserve the additional games against their interleague rival. In other words, will the Cubs face the White Sox just four times, or will they get three and three series at home and at home?

A couple of reports suggest, yes, that the interleague’s natural rivals will still face each other six times:

If that happens, then for those 20 games of the American League Central, the Cubs will face the White Sox six times, and then the other four clubs (Twins, Indians, Tigers, Royals) four or three times each. Can I vote for the Royals and Tigers four times each, please?

Also, are the Cardinals and Royals considered enough rivals for the Cardinals to get those six games? In a short season, it matters. Dang

In any case, if the Cubs face the White Sox six times this year, it’s crazy to think: That’s 10% of the season. In a normal 162-game season, that would be like the Cubs facing the White Sox 16 times, almost as much as the Cubs facing a division rival in a normal season (19). The team’s performance against the Red Sox could literally make or break their season. At least that’s … fun? Do I have to win that Crosstown Cup this year, AMIRITE ?!

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo / Getty Images)