The cast and creators of ‘Dave’ analyze the best moments of the season

FXX’s Dave, a semi-autobiographical comedy co-created and starring Dave Burd, aka rapper Lil Dicky, has been one of this year’s best shows. Much of the series leans on Burd’s rap character as the guy with faulty genitalia, the result of a condition called hypospadias, which Dave explains in exhaustive detail during the first season. But the show can be surprisingly emotional at times, and it finally looks like Atlanta for more reasons than being an FX comedy adjacent to rap.

Monday night I joined Deadline editor Peter White will screen virtually one of the show’s best episodes, “Ally’s Toast.” Afterward, we chatted with Burd, co-creator Jeff Schaffer, writer Saladin Patterson, and co-stars Taylor Misiak and GaTa (Burd’s exaggerated real-life man). We talked about the deliberately low emotional moments and comical moments throughout the season, including in that episode, which has a powerful Misiak monologue, as well as what I think is the first on-screen diarrhea episode in television history. .

Schaffer, who also runs Curb your enthusiasm These days, he talked about how much Burd reminded him of Larry David when they first met. Burd and Misiak recalled the messy real-life details of the diarrhea scene, while Burd shared the origins of the toast of the same name. Patterson and GaTa discussed the episode about GaTa’s very real struggle with bipolar disorder. Enjoy some of the highlights in the embedded clip.