The “big event” was declared in London due to the pressure on the hospitals of Covid-19

A man stands nearby, promoting the UK's National Health Service message,
A man promoting the UK’s National Health Service message, “Stay Home, Save Lives” at a bus shelter in London on January 8. Tolga Akman / AFP / Getty Images


His office wrote in a letter that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had declared a “major event” due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in the capital and the increase in Covid-19 cases in hospitals, which put the NHS at risk of drowning. Press announcement.

The decision came as the number of Covid-19 cases in London exceeded “1,000 per 100,000”, putting pressure on the National Health Service (NHS) to see a 27% increase in the number of patients between 30 December and 6 January.

“We are announcing a major event because the threat posed by this virus to our city is at a critical point. “If we do not take immediate action now, our NHS will be flooded and more people will die,” Khan said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Moderna became the third Covid-19 vaccine to be authorized by UK regulators. The UK Department of Health announced on Friday that the government had agreed to purchase an additional 10 million doses, in addition to its previous million million orders.

However, 1,162 Kovid-19 related deaths were reported in the UK on Thursday, the highest figure since the first peak in April.


The daily death toll from coronavirus in Germany has reached an all-time high of 1,188 deaths in the past day. The previous record was 1,129, which was recorded on December 30 last year.

The German Ministry of Health said on Friday that it would receive 60 million doses of the Bioentech / Pfizer vaccine from the EU. In addition, there is a safe alternative to another 30 million doses nationally. From Modern, Germany will receive 50 million doses through the EU alone, with additional doses negotiated nationally.

People are seen at a vaccination center in Mainz, Germany on January 7th.
People are seen at a vaccination center in Mainz, Germany on January 7th. Thomas Lohness / Getty Images

This means bayonet tech / Pfizer and Moderna alone, with at least 140 million vaccine doses expected in Germany this year.


Spanish Health Minister Salvador Ila warned on Friday that the growing number of Covid-19 cases in the country could lead to some tough weeks ahead.

On Thursday, the country topped the list of 19 million accumulated covid-19 cases, a number that has doubled in the last 11 weeks, according to figures released by CNN on figures released by its health ministry.


Long known as an outlet for not enforcing full-scale coronavirus lockdown like its European neighbors, Sweden moved in a more traditional direction on Friday, when its parliament voted in favor of legislation allowing tougher sanctions.

This would include banning public meetings if necessary, and effectively gave the government the legal right to impose any degree of “lockdown”.

European Union

The European Union continues its campaign to keep vaccines safe for its member countries. On Friday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU would expand its agreement with Pfizer / Bioentech in 2021 for an “additional 300 million vaccines” – doubling the dose from the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) expects AstraZeneca to launch a “conditional marketing application” for its Covid-19 vaccine, “next week,” the regulator said in a statement on Twitter on Friday.