The Batman Makeup Designer confirms Colin Farrell’s Penguin in the trailer

Despite only a quarter of the film being filmed, the teaser trailer is for The Batman that was released online over the weekend managed to contain a lot of surprises for fans. The two minutes of filming revealed the first look at Jim Gordon, Riddler and Catwoman, but it was the third villain of the film that actually caused an uproar online. Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, will be a featured character in the DC movie of Matt Reeves, and he will be played in the movie of Colin Farrell. One character in the trailer looked like Penguin, but not Farrell, and had everyone online in dismay when the actor had undergone such a wild transformation.

As it turns out, that guy in the trailer, in fact, is Colin Farrell, just wearing a lot of prosthetic makeup. He may not look any different than Farrell, but that’s exactly who appears several times in the trailer. People spent all weekend trying to solve the character’s identity mystery, but the prosthetic makeup artist responsible for Farrell’s new look confirmed everything on Instagram.

Mike Marino, who recently worked on Netflix’s Project power, took to social media to share a few screenshots of Farrell in the trailer. The post just contains a call to action for fans to watch the trailer, but the hashtags confirm that it is indeed Farrell hidden under all that makeup.

Farrell’s Penguin must be one of the most surprising character appearances in recent memory, and shows how much different he looks from the actor himself. The trailer also featured Paul Dano’s Riddler, who was equally unrecognizable, mostly because his entire face was covered in bondages.

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The Batman comes to theaters on October 1, 2021.

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