The 1st 600 line will receive the COVID-19 vaccine today in St. John’s County

S.T. Augustine, Fla. – The COVID-19 vaccine is running fast in St. John’s County and those who qualify are going to extremes to give it a try and get one.

The vaccine is currently only available to health care workers and people 65 and older and the health department is giving weekend shots.

They announced just before 9 a.m. Saturday that the first 600 people in line today would be able to get vaccinated. Everyone else will be removed.

“What we’re going to do now is distribute ar00 armbands so people don’t have to wait longer than they need to and we can do 600 and we’ll do it as long as we stay,” said Jack Quigley of St. John’s. Manager with the County Health Department.

People turned up in their vehicles on Friday evening, hoping to get a shot on Saturday, after people turned up when Friday’s allotment was done before noon. Some people even use RV.

A woman living in the line overnight called the deputies of News4Jax when people started cutting the line. By dawn, hundreds of cars were in line outside the St. John’s County Health Department – U.S. With backing up about three miles. 1. New4Jacks was told at 8 a.m. that the Sheriff’s Office plans to send deputies to ensure the fee takes the place of travel. Not blocked and will help manage the situation.

The office is open on both Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The health department says that if you are prescribed blood thinners, you must have a doctor’s note to get the vaccine.

The health department originally prescribed vaccinations, but when their phone line crashed, they would not need an appointment, creating frustration and long lines.

A county commissioner said the health department has accepted an offer of help from the county to help with vaccine distribution, but has not announced any changes to its plans.

Officials say 340 people were vaccinated before the St. John’s County Health Office closed on Friday and those who swam in line that evening said they decided to take their treatment. Officials say he has used one-third of the 3,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine he has received so far.

“I decided I had to come today,” said John Tischer, who arrived on Friday evening so he could be the first in line. “It’s not as bad as waiting here because he spends a night in the ICU.”

Amal Soni helped her parents arrange their RV in line.

“They are both over 65. There are many people in the household who are at high risk. My wife has diabetes, so we want to make sure she is safe, “said Soni.

Long lines of trains waited outside the health department for the second day in a row early Friday. Health officials said the day-to-day supply of the Covid-19 vaccine was completed in 24 hours.

Umbria Page, a licensed clinical social worker, says she received the vaccine after waiting seven hours.

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