Tesla Inc. The stock rose on Monday, outperforming the market

Tesla Inc. T.S.L. Shares of.
+ 2.78%
The stock market rose 2.78% to $ 418.32 an ounce on Monday, proving an all-time terrible trading session in the stock market, with the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP.
1.27% down 11,313.13 and Dow Jones Industrial Average DJI,
Down 0.56% to 28,133.31. The stock’s rally bounced back from a three-day loss. Tesla Inc. Below its 52-week high (2 502.49) .1 84.17 closed, which the company reached on September 1st.

The stock outperformed some of its competitors on Monday, as Ford Motor Co.
+ 1.17%
1.17% to 1. 6.90, General Motors Co. GM,
+ 1.76%
1.76% .00 30.00, and NIO Inc. ADR NIO,
3.85% to .9 17.98. Trading volume (110.3M) picked up its 50-day moving average of 80.2M.

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