Tesla dominates 2020 American-Made Index: the new American automaker

Many forget that Tesla is an American automaker, but now that has become clear as the California-based automaker is dominating the 2020 U.S. Manufacturing Index with 3 vehicles in the top ten.

Cars.com has an annual American-Made (AMI) index, which they describe as “an independent annual list that ranks the new vehicles that contribute the most to the US economy. Based on criteria ranging from jobs in US factories And manufacturing plants up to parts supply. “

Kelsey Mays, senior editor for consumer affairs and vehicle evaluation at Cars.com, said of the AMI:

“This is the fifteenth year that we launched the American-Made Index, and for the first time, we are ranking a comprehensive and comprehensive list of qualified American cars available in the United States. Of some 350 cars on the market by 2020, 91 Qualified Models for our index. The auto industry is highly globalized, but these 91 models bring jobs to the United States and investments to our local communities, a growing concern for Americans in the current climate. “

Tesla was not included last year, but this year, they are dominant.

The Ford Ranger topped the list, but Tesla has 3 different vehicles in the top 10:

Rank Make a model Location of the US assembly plant
one) Ford Ranger Wayne, Mich.
two) Jeep cherokee Belvidere, Ill.
3) Tesla Model S Fremont, California
4) Tesla Model 3 Fremont, California
5) Honda Odyssey Lincoln, Ala.
6) Honda Ridgeline Lincoln, Ala.
7) Honda passport Lincoln, Ala.
8) Chevrolet Corvette Bowling Green, Ky.
9) Tesla Model X Fremont, California
10) Chevrolet Colorado Wentzville, Mo.

The taking of Electrek

I am curious to know how the Model S ranks higher than the Model 3.

Battery cells represent a large part of electric cars, both in value and weight, and Model S batteries are imported, while Model 3 battery cells are manufactured in Nevada.

I think this would make a big difference, but apparently not enough for the AMI.

But what I find most interesting is that people don’t really know where Tesla vehicles come from.

The report says only 18% knew they were made in California. At least, it’s getting better:

“Additionally, Americans are twice as likely to recognize Tesla as a California-made vehicle compared to last year (10% in 2019 vs. 18% in 2020).”

Ultimately, I think the Texas-made Cybertruck will make a big difference on that front. It’s kind of silly since Tesla vehicles are already some of the most manufactured cars in America at the moment, but the insight needs to catch up.

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