Ted Cruz’s campaign is pocketing the money raised for the Georgia Gopers. It’s not alone.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) needs your help to keep the US Senate in Republican hands. So ruined a handful of Facebook ads that Cruise’s campaign committee bought this month. But none of them were really raising money for Republican candidates in Georgia. Instead, every penny donated went straight … to the cruise.

The cruise campaign bought 15 different ads on Facebook in the past two weeks, featuring a video of each senator dramatically highlighting the need to hold two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia’s runoff contests.

“Gun grabbing, tax hikes, open borders and Supreme Court stacking. If he wins the Georgia Senate election, that is the fundamentalist Democratic agenda, “Cruz said.

He asked for a contribution of 5 for his new “Keep in Georgia Red Fund”. But Facebook users who clicked on the don online donation page – and read the micro print at the bottom – will see that the real beneficiary is not Sense but Cruz’s own campaign committee. In Georgia.

Cruz is one of the elected officials of both parties, using competitive and extremely expensive – Georgia runout competitions to raise money for himself. Increasingly, those officials are doing so on Facebook, where the ban on political advertising was lifted in late October this month, but only for ads in Georgia.

A series of Facebook ads have begun for Senate contests in the state on behalf of political candidates from outside the state. On some occasions, ads do not even mention run-.f contests, but target Georgian users in an attempt to exploit Facebook’s state-specific political advertising policy.