Talking point: What are you playing this weekend? (August 8)

Paper Mario Switch

Another week has passed and gone, this time with the announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe for Switch, a surprise Smash Bros. Ultimate update, and a need for Switch menu icon change, but now it’s time to sit back and discuss our weekend gaming plans.

Members of Nintendo Life have done just that below, and we’d love to hear from you through our interview and comment sections. Enjoy!

Ryan Craddock, editor-in-chief

I still spend my time flashing in between Paper Mario: The Origami King en FIFA 20 at the moment, which actually provides a strangely nice contrast. I really enjoyed Paper Mario and the fantastic writing in particular, and despite all the negativity around it, I even found that I liked the battle system. I’m not one to get caught up in the wrath of the internet against games – I love it Pokémon Sword and Shield, for example – but it was still a nice surprise to see that the new system does not excite me.

As far as FIFA is concerned, I only played the career mode and just entered my second season as the mighty Leicester City. We’ve just made it through the Europa League group stage and are currently just outside the top four – which is fantastic, but will not make sense to any of you who do not like football. Next!

Austin Voigt, contributing author

This weekend I have plans to go hunting Animal Crossingthe latest updates, the new ones Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, and many of Paper Mario: The Origami King. A lot of pretty relaxing gameplay for me, because things have been a bit chaotic lately. Look forward to just enjoying some time in some wonderful digital worlds!

Gavin Lane, features editor

I will be intervening this weekend in the back and I already have dozens to choose from, though DOOM (the original), Deadly Premonition Origins en Cuphead are the main games that weigh for attention on my Switch home screen. I will also try to catch the last few beetles I need for mine Animal Crossing: New Horizons Critterpedia, two or three of which I have not even seen. It would be nice to highlight those on the list and avoid a crazy streak at the end of the month.

I picked up the 3DS game as well Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. edition for next to nothing earlier in the week. It’s been a while since I released the 3DS, but I’m pretty much in the mood for a mindless match-three. 2020, huh? Blimey Charlie!

Liam Doolan, news reporter

Time of Confession: I’m quite a LEGO fan, but I’ve mostly limited myself to the Star Wars sets in recent years. When I originally saw the Super Mario line, I was not particularly interested, but last weekend I was engrossed in the excitement and decided to at least give it a go. I mean, how many years have we been waiting for this partnership now? There’s no way I’ll miss it!

I’m pleasantly surprised – the gameplay is great and I still can not believe that LEGO has succeeded convincing reconstruct iconic Mario characters such as Yoshi and King Boo in brick form. King Boo is a big block and yet a simple face floor makes it out all the way like him! The blind bags compared to those offered in other sets are also much better value. Not only do you get a Mario enemy, but you also get a base and some small landscape to go along with. Plus there are only 10 of those in series one – so it would not cost too much to collect them all. So yes … this weekend I’m playing (and building) Super Mario LEGO!

As always, thanks for reading! In the coming days, make sure you leave a vote in the interview above and a comment below with your game choices …