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Tips and Tricks – Resident Evil 3 Wiki Guide

[ad_1] Zombies will not attack during their “get up” animations. Many rooms have zombies that just take off when you get close. You can step over them. Zombies can’t turn around well. Many of the zombies you can avoid can actually pass, as long as they’re not in front of …

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Tips, Tricks and Strategies – Valorant Wiki Guide

[ad_1] If you’ve played competitive FPS in the past (like CS: GO), then you’re probably familiar with the main weapon mechanics in Valorant. Still, Valorant has many of his own unique mechanics, and a lot of it boils down to Agent skills. Meet your agent[[[[Edit] In Valorant, you control characters …

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Wiki CoD Warzone Guide

[ad_1] Wikis Game Guide Published in May 6, 2020 Tom hopkins House ” Guides » Wiki CoD Warzone Guide Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode was quite popular, but Modern Warfare’s Warzone has taken Call of Duty Battle Royale to another level, with the last 60 million players. It is more …

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