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SpaceX has a year of banner

SpaceX is reaping profits this year, solidifying its role in the top tier of space companies operating in the US today – and impressing the rest of the sector in a new era of space flight. Why it matters: Instead of staying the young upstart that breaks all the rules, …

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The war against the dollar is heating up

Experts sound the alarm again that the dollar could lose its role as a reserved currency of the world. This is a common and historically indecisive concern – but things may actually be different this time around. What’s happening: New data from the Bank of Russia show that the country …

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Not all children get mild coronavirus infections

The coronavirus is not as deadly to children as it is to adults, but children still get it and can still become seriously ill from it. The risk is higher for Black and Spanish children. Why it matters: In communities with high caseloads, cases among children could explode as schools …

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