Hilaria Baldwin has always wanted to be Spanish: a former dance partner

Hilaria Baldwin has always been Spanish-Wannabe – but when Hillary changed her name, she actually put her foot in her mouth, says her old dance partner.

“The whole ‘Hilaria’ thing is a joy to me,” Alexander Rechits, who danced competitively with the now-defunct yoga dance from 2006 to 2009, told the New York Times.

Rechits, who knew actor Alec Baldwin’s Bal’s 36-year-old American wife by her nickname, Hillary Hayward-Thomas, said it was clear even then that she wanted to present herself in a way that she was not.

“I can understand why she did that,” Rechits said in an interview published Wednesday. He added that he considers Hilaria sweet and talented.

“She always wanted to be Spanish,” he said.

Hilaria Baldwin
Hilaria BaldwinPatrick McMullen by Getty Images

“She was originally from Spain, her brother lived there, she visited a lot there,” he said, adding that Hillary’s parents now live in Mallorca and her family would move to Spain when she was a child.

“But Hillary is a very strong name, so why would you change when you were born here and you weren’t born in Spain?” Belarus native said.

“I have many nicknames in Russian. But wherever I go I am still Alexander.

Hilaria, who has no Spanish descent, is accused of misrepresenting herself as Spanish – frequently calling Spain her “home” in public, adopting a bad thick Spanish accent at times and failing to correct numerous publications and even one of her officials on the web. Bios who falsely says she was born in Mallorca.

For her wedding to Alec in 2013, she wore a traditional white Spanish mantilla veil and hung a flamenco fan on her groom at the altar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, while the pair traded in rings inscribed in Spanish and Puerto Rico. Miguel.

The lifestyle influencer was forced to take to social media over the weekend to admit that she was “a white girl” born in Boston, whose original name was Hillary and went to high school in Massachusetts.