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Archaeologists find ancient “snack bar” in Pompeii ruins

The city of Pompeii was buried in a devastating volcanic eruption in AD, but archaeologists are still unearthing extraordinary structures in the area. On Saturday, they unveiled their new invention – a very well-preserved ancient “snack bar.” Officials said the Reggio V’s thermopolyum would be a shop selling hot food, …

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A never-heard song leads to ocean discovery

(Newser) – Researchers studying whales in the western Indian Ocean stumped. They recorded a whale song they had never heard before, described by one as a “slow, throbbing ballad” New York Times. After some underwater drowsiness, they report happy discovery in the journal Endangered species research: The song is about …

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Brighten up your epidemic life with Google’s new AR Animals

Google’s AR cat.Screenshots: Google Ever since I was little, I’ve always been a cat fan (although dogs are cute too). Still, my current landlord doesn’t allow me to take the cat, so I just compromise to follow the cute ones on Instagram. Considering I live alone, during epidemics I’ve often …

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