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Prince of Persia Remake hopes to rise again as likes of retailers

See, we normally treat product listings published by Guatemalan retailers with a shrug of our shoulders, but as reputable journalists like Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier remark – well, you need to pay some attention, right? Here’s the story: MAX has released a page for a PlayStation 4 game called Prince of …

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Ubisoft is releasing Prince of Persia on PS4 and Switch

Acceptable launch in November Will suffer it Prince of Persia fans allow themselves to be filled with hope, knowing that Ubisoft’s action will once again feel like a dagger dropped in its chest? Will Ubisoft, after a literal decade of inactivity, finally return to one of its franchises surrounded by …

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Prince of Persia Remake Leaks Online

After numerous rumors over the years, it would appear that a remake of Prince of Persia is leaking online. The leak comes through a store listing at Guatemalan retailer Max, which apparently released a Prince of Persia remake for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It seems to be scrubbing …

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