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2021 Best Picture .Scar Nominees Where to See

Screenshots: Standard / Netflix For a while, what was the biggest movie story of 2020? Were not Coming out, the epidemic closed theaters and bumped release dates for some of the biggest blockbusters of the year (see you later, Black widow And No time to die, Hopefully) and the buzziest …

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Scientists have proposed a new periodic table, and it is a journey

The Periodic Table of Elements, created primarily by the Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev (1834-1907), celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. Its importance as an organization theory of chemistry will be difficult to understand – all emerging chemists are familiar with it from an early stage of their education. Given the …

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Who wins and why? FIW picks staff

By Nick Shepkowski | November 27, 2020 12:01 am Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all of you out there, as we get out of the real holiday and plow ahead with what is now likely to be a very traditional Black Friday. Not only is the non-traditional because the doors of …

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