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Apple sues Powerbeats 2 lawsuit, agrees to pay $ 9.75 million

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Powerbeats 2 headset, which was filed against the company Cupertino after some customers found that the Powerbeats 2, first released in 2015, had a defect that it could stop working and failed to maintain the charge to “minimal use.” Complainants claimed that Apple …

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer announced

CD Project announced today The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a new free to play mobile video game from developer Spokko. While no release date has been announced for “soon”, the first trailer and images of the upcoming title show that it is a location-based video game with augmented reality in the …

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Monster Slayer is a Pokemon Go-like mobile AR game

It is coming soon to Android and iOS The reign of adorable little pocket monsters taking over your local park is almost over. Soon, terrible monsters will be placed next to the tetherball court. CD Project Red is working on a mobile game for augmented reality for them Witcher franchise. …

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