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What is Archegos and how did it reach the stock market?

According to people familiar with the transaction, investor Bill Hwang caused a storm in the stock market last week when his firm, Archegos Capital Management, and its banks began reducing their holdings in blue-chip companies, according to people familiar with the transaction. The sale has sent shifts to individual stocks …

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Alden wants to buy Global Tribune Publishing

A hedge fund that has a large stake in Tribune Publishing Co. Tipico 0.31% According to people familiar with the matter, the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News are seeking to buy the newspaper chain behind the headlines. Alden Global Capital LLC, which is already the Tribune’s largest …

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Munuchin is optimistic about the aid deal with Pelosi

Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin said he would talk to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about coronavirus stimulation again on Wednesday and was “optimistic” about the prospects for a deal. “I say we will make a more serious effort to get it done and I think we hope we can do something,” …

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