Munuchin is optimistic about the aid deal with Pelosi

Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin said he would talk to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about coronavirus stimulation again on Wednesday and was “optimistic” about the prospects for a deal.

“I say we will make a more serious effort to get it done and I think we hope we can do something,” he said during a delivering alpha conference presented by CNBC and institutional investors. “I think there’s a reasonable compromise here.”

The Treasury Secretary added that he intends to find an “understanding” with Pelosi on the Broad Relief Package by Thursday. Munuchi said he expects to bring speaker Fur to the speaker – week. ૨ ​​3 trillion in aid bills that the House could vote on this week – about tr. The trillion-dollar bilateral house problem solvers are like a causal proposal.

Pelosi had earlier rejected the plan. Enhanced unemployment benefits during the eight-week transition period in law include $ 450 per week, among other provisions, 200 1,200 direct payments and a more paycheck protection program for small business loan funds.

Treasury Secretary speaking at the 2020 Alpha Conference on September 30, 2020


The Trump administration and Democratic leaders have failed to reach a consensus on what to include in the Fifth Coronavirus Relief Package because the outbreak destroys American life and livelihoods. Before Munchin and Pelosi had new talks in recent days, doubts were raised about the ability of Congress to pass new aid before the November 3 election.

Both the Treasury Secretary and the House Speaker felt more optimistic about progress on Wednesday compared to the previous week. MSNBC In an interview with, Pelosi also said he was “optimistic” about the possibility of a deal.

“We’ll just see who they come back to today and how our negotiations move forward,” he said.

Munuchin said the parties have agreed on a number of major issues. These include small business loans, funding for schools, direct payments to individuals, air support and employee retention tax credits.

He said the White House would still push for the protection of accountability for businesses and schools – a provision Democrats had previously opposed. While Munuchi added that the Trump administration supports some new reliefs for state and local governments, it is not clear whether his offer will please Democrats who have proposed more than $ 400 billion in aid a year.

Of course, whatever agreement the White House and Democrats make will also have to be obtained through the Republican-led Senate. G.O.P. Fed up with legislators spending trillions to bolster the federal response to the epidemic, the Senate tried to pass a nearly 500 500 billion relief plan earlier this month.

Democrats blocked it and called it inadequate.

Manuchehr said he and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows spoke Tuesday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to update them on the conversation.

“Let’s see if we can reach a compromise agreement with the speaker, something that works, and then we’ll continue to work with both parties on all specific languages ​​and policies.”

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