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Italy will lockdown again as coronavirus cases escalate

Easter will be on lockdown for Easter as the country struggles to accommodate the Spiking COVID-19 case. From Monday, highly populated Italians will be required to stay home without work, health or other essential reasons. The entire country will be closed from April 3 to 5 for the second year …

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Kasidi Kuril did not die from the vaccine

Utah’s chief medical examiner publicly pleaded not to draw conclusions about the woman’s death. He received a second dose of the modern COVID-19 vaccine days later – insisting there was no evidence that the pocket was attached to her passage. . After receiving his second jab on 1 February, Kasidi …

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Everything we know about coronavirus variants in NYC

A South African coronavirus variant has now been identified in New York City, health officials said Tuesday – as they have now been updated on various changes spread by the Big Apple Pal. “The number of New Yorkers being vaccinated every day is a real reason to look forward to …

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