Everything we know about coronavirus variants in NYC

A South African coronavirus variant has now been identified in New York City, health officials said Tuesday – as they have now been updated on various changes spread by the Big Apple Pal.

“The number of New Yorkers being vaccinated every day is a real reason to look forward to the coming months. But on the perimeter of this growing light, the city also has a shadow of these new types of COVID-19, ”city health commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said in a press briefing.

Two types of South African, known as Beach.1..351, have been found in large Apple residents, according to the health commissioner.

Since last week, the number of highly contagious confirmed city cases in the UK. Known as B.1.1.7, increased from 59 to 116, Choksi said.

Chokshi said the city will continue testing thousands of samples to find out more, and health department disease investigators are investigating such public health effects.

Meanwhile, the Homeground Strain, originating in New York City, known as B.1.22626, is currently being classified as a “type of interest,” said Dr. Bill de Blasio, a senior adviser to Mayor for Public Health. Jay Verma said. .

“We expect an early response [about the New York City variant] By next week, ”Verma said.

Verma added, “And if we find something scary, we will let you know. If we think the variable might not be a big deal, we’ll let you know. And if we’re not sure yet, we’ll let you know. ”

“We’re doing what we’re doing, getting the best possible data and using it to fight this best disease together,” he said.

Dr. Jay Verma, Senior Advisor for Public Health to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Dr. Jay Verma, Senior Advisor for Public Health to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Matthew McDermott

The New York City type was first spotted in Manhattan’s Washington Heights – but officials say it’s unclear where it started.

Verma described the UK strain, the South African variable and the Brazilian variable, known as P1, as “types of anxiety.”

“Why does it form a form of anxiety? It can change so much that it avoids our usual tests. Our normal tests cannot diagnose it, or it has changed so much that it stays away from our antibodies. Or it has changed so much that it leads to more serious disease and death, ”Verma said.

Chokshi noted that health officials “are still learning about the effectiveness of these types of vaccines, but the research so far is consistent with the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines. [Food and Drug Administration] Will help reduce the risk of serious infections and death. ”