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5 year old crying Maryland police handcuffs: Disturbing video

In Maryland, police released disturbing body debugging footage showing officers crying a 5-year-old and calling him a “beast” in a squad car for not being at school. The video, released Friday by the Montgomery County Police Department, was recorded in January 2020 and shows officers repeatedly calling the little boy …

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COVID-19 vaccine testing is directed at children

Each test dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine – and then having a sparkly bandage to cover the site – did not pinch the 9-year-old twins. “Sparkles make everything better,” declared Marizole Gerado, as she landed an exam table at Duke University to make way for her sister, Alejandra. U.S. And …

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CNN’s Andrew Kazensky’s 9-month-old baby dies Christmas Eve

After dealing with the loss of genetic hearing and having a short life of bravery and happiness, 9-month-old Francesca “Bean” Kakzinski – CNN reporter Rwandrew Kazensky and V. Wall Street Jenny. Christmas Eve. “We have announced that our beautiful daughter Francesca passed away last night at the hands of her …

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