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Will the game be canceled in 2020?

Fortnite is one of the largest games in the world, although annual revenue has been slightly affected in recent years. This has led to multiple rumors and theories about the game’s closure, with a new wave hitting the Internet recently. Characteristic Modified 03 Jul 2020, 18:49 IST

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How many people play the game in 2020?

Credits for Fortnite’s growing popularity go entirely to developers for its dynamism with updates. In this article, we look at the game’s user base and other aspects of its growing popularity. Characteristic Modified 02 Jul 2020, 13:25 IST Credit: businessofapps.com Fortnite has created a unique niche in the market and …

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SypherPK on why Ninja and other streamers play less

Fortnite Youtuber, SypherPK expressed their opinion on why various Fortnite streamers are leaving the game. Sypher spoke about the new season of Fortnite and also highlighted aspects that may require improvement. Characteristic Modified on June 28, 2020, 20:24 IST

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