SypherPK on why Ninja and other streamers play less

  • Fortnite Youtuber, SypherPK expressed their opinion on why various Fortnite streamers are leaving the game.
  • Sypher spoke about the new season of Fortnite and also highlighted aspects that may require improvement.


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Understanding why Fortnite streamers are not as interested in the game (Image Credits: Buzz Addict)“/>
Understand why Fortnite streamers aren’t so interested in the game (Image Credits: Buzz Addict)

Fortnite Season 3 came shortly after one of the worst content droughts the game has ever seen. Chapter 2, Season 2 of Fortnite was one of the longest-running seasons, with few or no updates, which made the game feel drab and uninteresting to many.

Among the hardest hit were content creators, who were apparently struggling to produce new content to keep their colossal fan base entertained. During Chapter 2, Season 2, Fortnite also saw a massive slant on streamers moving away to play other Battle Royale titles, mainly due to the reasons mentioned above.

However, Fortnite’s Season 3 big ‘water’ update seems to have worked in Epic’s favor, essentially reviving the game and taking down most of its player base, while adding new ones with each passing day.

Recently, SypherPK, a popular Fortnite and YouTube streamer, talked about how the current season is successfully filling all the gaps that Chapter 2, Season 2 doesn’t.

CLOCK: SypherPK in Fortnite Season 3

In general, balance returns to the game, while preserving variety.

Mythical Season 2 items were undoubtedly fun to use. However, the majority of the Fortnite community agreed that these weapons often had too much power, some almost impossible to counter; the infamous machine gun Brutus, for example, was one of the worst weapons he could face against due to its walnut firing speed, along with minimal cooldown time, which made matters worse.

While the mythical weapons in Fortnite Season 3 are still powerful, Sypher proclaims that they are equally balanced.

The fighter in Season 2 that allowed players to take high ground and shoot at the same time has now been replaced by the Jules fighter who forces the player to open his glider after each use, allowing a uniform playing field for both. parts. (the one who attacks and the one who receives in the end)

The shotgun in Fortnite season 3, however, remains a controversial topic. Sypher argues that Epic should consider adding a slightly more optimal short-range element than the currently available ‘Charge’ shottie.

But why do Fortnite streamers play so much less than before?

In the same video, SypherPK also sheds light on why Fortnite’s popular streamers; Namely, Ninja, Nickmercs and TimTheTatMan have been playing the game in moderation.

A simple look at Ninja“/>
A simple glance at Ninja’s YouTube loading timeline reveals his disinterest in Fortnite (Image Credits: Ninja)

Naturally, one would assume that a new season of Fortnite would be reason enough for content creators to work on the game. However, Sypher explains how ‘inaction’ could be one of the main factors driving such transmitters away from the game.

Sypher compares Fortnite to another popular BR title, while claiming that Fortnite barely has any players in the game before the first ‘safe zone’ arrives – highlight a possible problem with Fortnite’s pace.

This in turn makes the game worldly, especially for streamers who have a legion of followers watching their stream. Let’s be honest, no one wants to see their favorite streamer farm supplies in one complete set. Viewers tune into streams to witness ‘action-packed’ content that is becoming increasingly difficult to generate in Fortnite.

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