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What a superhero movie can make

“Wonder Woman 1984.” Gail Gadot Stars as Wonder Woman in Warner Bros. Can a superhero flick full of nostalgia persuade people to leave their beds and go to the cinemas? “Wonder Woman 1984” seeks to answer that question. Movie theater owners are hopeful that the cute “Wonder Woman” sequel on …

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Trump Covid Vaccine Tsar Says ‘Extremely Low’ Opportunity Pfizer and Moderna Shots Won’t Work Against New Stress

Christy Raphael, Clinic Nursing Manager, UCLeth Medical Center, on the left, administers the Covid-19 vaccine to CNA Luis Perez on December 14, 2020 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Helen H. Richardson | Denver Post | Getty Images President Donald Trump’s coronavirus vaccine, Zazar, said Monday that he expects Pfizer and Modern’s …

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