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Capt. Durant gave a really awkward interview with Charles Barclay

Kevin Durant’s impressive return: 22 points, five rebounds, three assists and a very annoying interview. After the Nets’ 1-1 125-9999 season-over opening rears, Durant won the TNT. No. Interviewed briefly with “Inside the NBA.” The questions of Charles Barclay and Crew were met mostly by one-word answers. Afterwards, Barclay, Kenny …

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Alec Berks Breakout, Antilicina Trade

The Knicks will open their season against the Pacers on Wednesday night, just as the talk Thibodeau era begins. Here are three bold predictions and five games to watch since the 2020-21 NBA season tips are off. Three bold predictions 1. Free-agent Cygni Alec Berks quietly gets an early small …

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Emanuel Quickly put on the show as the Knicks Thump Cavaliers

Knicks’ two first-round picks gained important recognition before and during Friday’s preseason final. Ruby forward Obi Toppin was third in the poll for the league’s 2020-21 Rookie of the Year award in the annual survey of NBA.com general managers. Point guard Emanuel Quickly also looks as if he plans to …

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