Capt. Durant gave a really awkward interview with Charles Barclay

Kevin Durant’s impressive return: 22 points, five rebounds, three assists and a very annoying interview.

After the Nets’ 1-1 125-9999 season-over opening rears, Durant won the TNT. No. Interviewed briefly with “Inside the NBA.” The questions of Charles Barclay and Crew were met mostly by one-word answers.

Afterwards, Barclay, Kenny Smith, and Schwartz O’Neill proceeded to mock Durant with a series of questions, giving vague answers to each other.

The next interview came a week after Barclays fired Durant’s teammate Kiri Irving for a point guard media boycott. According to USA Today, Barclays later said he believed Durant’s bizarre response was due.

It was just the beginning of the strangeness of the visitor on the network. After the Clippers’ 117-109 win over the Lakers in the nightcap, Paul George was asked about himself and the poet Leonard who received “preferential treatment” by the team last season.

After George’s direct reaction, Barclay and Smith discussed the issue as George waited strangely.