Sweden has seen no signs so the far-flung immune system is shutting down the virus

Photographer: Mikael Sjબરberg / Bloomberg

According to the country’s top epidemiologist, there is no evidence that mob immunity is helping Sweden fight coronavirus.

“The issue of mob immunity is difficult,” Anders Tagen said at a briefing in Stockholm on Tuesday. “We don’t see any signs of immunity in the population that is slowing the infection right now.”

Swedes are more exposed to the virus than their neighbors in the Nordic region, and one in three are antibodies tested by Stockholm, according to statistics. Published this week. The country then famously chose against the lockdown, relying on voluntary action.

Tagnell has said in the past that mob immunity is difficult to measure and has also questioned official figures. Swedish officials have made it clear that the immune system is not a policy target, but exposure to the virus in the country makes it a clear test case to monitor the theory.

OECD study

In a recent OECD study in Sweden The hardest hit countries in Europe rank consistently, as measured by the relative covid mortality and infection rate. It was also slow to have a transmission.

Sweden was recently forced to reconsider its position on the virus as the daily case rate peaked at 7,000. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Stefan Lફfven called the move “unprecedented” and said Swedes would not be free to gather in public in groups of more than eight. Alcohol sales are now banned after 10 PM

Lofwen makes a rare use Television address to urge his countrymen to do more on Sunday. “People’s health and lives are still in danger, and the danger is growing,” he said.

The vaccine

The new sanctions come amid warnings that Sweden’s intensive care beds are filling up fast. Meanwhile, the country’s officials are warning against putting too much weight on the potential future vaccine.

“We are still seeing an increase in patients who need care and intensive care,” Thomas Linden, head of Sweden’s National Health Welfare Department, told a briefing on Tuesday. “One should not take into account the fact that there is a vaccine a few months away as a sign of negligence from action.”

“In the third wave, the health care system will come under even more stress than has been done so far,” he said.

(Adds to the Prime Minister’s speech. The previous version was revised to show a daily case rate above 7,000)