Sushant’s sister molested Rhea after she got drunk: Lawyer

Sushant's sister Molested Rhea after he got drunk

The legal team of Rhea Chakraborty has detailed the whole incident regarding the previous accusation made by the actress that it was Priyanka, sister of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who molested her after she got drunk, and it incident in turn a rift between the brothers and sisters.

Rhea’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde detailed the whole incident in the fresh statement.

“During the first months of their relationship, when Rhea had visited Sushant’s house, his sister Priyanka and her husband Siddharth lived with him. One night, in and around April 2019, Rhea and Priyanka went out to a party. Priyanka consumed a lot of alcohol and was not well behaved with both men and women at the party, so Rhea found that they were returning to Sushant’s house. When she returned, Sushant and his sister continued to drink alcohol while Rhea the night of retirement was when she had a shot the next morning.Rhea was sleeping in Sushant’s room when she suddenly woke up to find that Priyanka had gone to bed with her and grouped her.Rhea was extremely shocked and demanded that she leave the room. Then Rhea left the house herself. Rhea informed Sushant about what had happened, and Sushant got into an argument with his sister about the same. That because of the aforementioned incident was the relationship between Sushant’s family and Rhea had been since its inception.Even after his verse “when a list of 20 people was made to attend the funeral, Rhea’s name was not included in the list and thus excluded from attending the funeral,” Manshinde said.

Commenting on how Rhea and Sushant knew each other and the actress’ subsequent departure from the late actor’s home, the lawyer added: “Rhea and Sushant have known each other in recent years because they both worked in the Indian film industry Rhea and Sushant have maintained a close friendship and would occasionally communicate with each other.In April 2019, Rhea and Sushant attended a party at the fraternal of the film and shortly thereafter they started dating each other.Even though they spent a lot of time together their houses, they officially moved together in December 2019 and live at Mount Blanc, Bandra, until Rhea left on June 8, 2020. “

Speaking about the allegations against Rhea, he said: “It is total nonsense and a reflection to make allegations after a period of 40 days, the way it was made for Bihar Police. No allegations were made until July 27, 2020 by everyone in the family before Mumbai police or for any authority.Their statements were recorded by police in Mumbai.They are trained and have an IPS officer OP Singh in the family.The accusations are fully co-operative and fabricated for external purposes. “

Manshinde continued: “Rhea denies all allegations of suicide reduction, misappropriation of funds and others. The Mumbai Police and Enforcement Directorate have provided all of Rhea’s financial documents, which clearly reveal the falsity of such allegations. They “has not received a single transfer from Sushant’s accounts. All of their income taxes have been investigated by police and investigative directorate (ED). Both of them have found something incriminating against,” he added.

Sushant was found dead at his home in Mumbai on June 14. Before his death, Maneshinde claims that the actor continued to try to reach his family.

“Sushant had called his family, informed them of his decision to move out of Mumbai and asked to come and meet him. After several days of Sushant calling and screaming over the phone, his sister Mitu agreed to to come to him live from June 2020. Because of this development, Sushant requested that Rhea live with her parents first, Rhea had suffered from her own anxiety problems and often destroyed panic attacks. Sushant’s holding and carrying also aggravated these circumstances. even though Rhea was desirable for seeing her family, she was not at all comfortable with leaving Sushant.The same day, June 8, 2020, Rhea had arranged to have her therapy session with Dr. Susan Walker and asked Sushant if she could go to the session. Sushant, however, told her to leave before his sister Mitu arrived, so Rhea reluctantly went and informed Sushant to let her or her brother know about everything he required or in case he needed to talk, “claims Manshinde ed.

It was shared that Mumbai police and ED have investigated Rhea’s relationship with Sushant and her financial status at great length, and “to date nothing distinctive has been found against her.”

Manshinde also said that “Rhea does not know and has not met Aaditya Thackeray to this day. She has never spoken to him by telephone or otherwise, although she has heard of him as leader of the Shiv Sena”.

Regarding Rhea’s alleged interaction with actor Dino Morea, the lawyer stated that the actress knows and has met Dino socially because he is her senior in the film industry.

Continuing the media exaggeration over the case, Manshinde said: “The media is asked not to speculate on its own theories and not to support claims. It has remained silent on such accusations. Their silence should not be mistaken for a weakness. Truth will be the same, “her lawyer said.

Rhea, as stated by her lawyer, would like the truth of the case to be revealed by “virtue of an honest and impartial inquiry”.

“She admitted in her petition to the SC that she sent a message to Amit Shah to order a CBI investigation. She also informed the Supreme Court that if the court transfers the case to CBI, she had no objection. What. they challenge the illegal registration and investigation of Bihar Police without jurisdiction, and transfer to CBI an illegal investigation.Unless the Maharashtra government agrees to a CBI investigation, the case cannot be transferred to CBI.Instead, the Bihar- government should have handed over the investigation to Mumbai police as per the notice issued by the Union government, “the lawyer said.

He also stated that Rhea will not submit to an ‘illegal investigation’.

“To this day, my client has not been charged with collaborating with a single investigative agency, but she is entitled to an honest and impartial investigation by an agency that has jurisdiction to investigate the case. The manner in which the procedure was instituted and conducted Bihar made it unlikely she would receive fair treatment, “said Maneshinde.

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