Super Smash Brothers offers a complete update for the imperfect Wii Fit Trainer

Can't do yoga to get out of this, Wii Fit Trainer.

Can’t do yoga to get out of this, Wii Fit Trainer.
Screenshots: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate The balance change comes in gloves. Whenever developers add new content to the game, players can expect to be enhanced by a few character adjustments on the extended roster. But in the latest update, Nintendo’s decision makers set their sights on just one fighter: Wii Fit Trainer.

The same line in today’s revenge. The 11.0.1 update explains that “the descending vulnerability was inadvertently reduced after using the Wii Fit Trainer’s Side Special Header, so this adjustment has been made.” So the exercise-based regime of terror that began earlier this month is coming to an end.

In March, the Wii Fit Trainer received what the community called a “shadow buff,” or an improvement in their gameplay, which, as a matter of fact, is not mentioned in the official changelog. 11.0.0 Update. While fixing long-term bugs with the Wii Fit Trainer header special, the developers somehow also reduced the landing recovery of this step – or reduced the attack animation by more than half between ending and enabling player follow-up action.

This has given Buff even more utility to popular moves, especially with the character’s deep breaths to increase their declining speed. In these circumstances, the header became incredibly hard to punish the opponent, as it could recover quickly after the user used it. Buff also opened up some cool, new combo routes for players to learn.

As is often the case with these changes, Wii Fit Trainer users preferred it when other serious opponents hated it, but for the most part it did not seem to affect the outcome of the tournament anytime soon as it was to play or improve the fitness coach’s condition. . In various power rankings. With or without Shadow Buff, the Wii Fit Trainer is still considered a firm middle-of-the-road fighter, a shame for how much fun they have to watch in high-level play.

I really think this was a mistake, even though it’s in favor of letting this stone-like material for a while before tidying up with any improvements, but I think we have to respect the developers’ vision here. I think a Wii Fit Trainer doesn’t just mean having all that power.